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Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune

Course Objectives

Course Objectives for B.H.M.S. (Direct Degree) Course:

Following shall be Course Objectives for B.H.M.S. (Direct Degree) Course:-


Basic objectives of education and training in this Homoeopathic institution is to prepare a competent Homoeopathic Physician who is capable of functioning independently and effectively under Rural and Urban set ups.In order to achieve this, the syllabus and curriculum of BHMS course has been designed:

A. Sound Foundation:-

  • To function effectively as a Homoeopathic physician a thorough grasp over the medical concepts is imperative. For this, the educational process shall be perceived as an integrated evolving process and not merely as an acquisition of a large number of disjointed facts.
  • A student shall have to pass through a Training procedure which encompasses the above well, right from I BHMS to IV BHMS and also during the internship period.
  • He shall undergo an education process wherein learning of Facts and Concepts right from 1st Year are in a continuity, in an evolutionary & progressive pattern.
  • In 1st BHMS, student shall study the fundamental principles of Homoeopathy and will also learn more of applied Anatomy than a multitude of minor anatomical details.
  • In II BHMS, a student shall be exposed to very vital concepts of susceptibility and symptomatology with Analysis-Evaluation and details of the Homoeopathic concepts, old logic of Homoeopathy.

These will attain much deeper significance (if care is taken by teachers of pathology and Organon-Philosophy) when the current knowledge of INFLAMMATION, IMMUNITY, is correlated well with concepts of susceptibility.

  • In III BHMS, there is opportunity to fortify the foundation at the best by correlating between Theory of Chronic Diseases and the Patho-Physiological facts on the Gynecology, Surgery and Medicine.

A student shall have to be taught the spectrums of various diseases in correlation with the spectrum of miasmatic manifestations.

He will then be able to use a well concluded EVALUATION ORDER OF Characteristics to derive an operationally valid Reportorial Totality.

The knowledge gathered in this pattern will keep him constantly aware of his objectives and his role as a Homoeopathic Physician. The integration will eliminate the state of confusion. The Therapeutics Actions then will be right and complete, utilizing the full repertories of the Medicinal and Non-medicinal measures, keeping him up-to-date about all fresh scientific developments and inculcating values of continuous Medical Education.  

B. Execution:-

  • Maximum emphasis shall be placed on the applied aspects of all the subjects. Thus teachings of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry will demand greater emphasis on applied aspects of these sciences.
  • Teaching of Pathology will demand sharp focus on general Pathology, while Regional Pathology will come up as an application. It shall require correlation with Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology.
  • All these need to be studied from Homoeopathic perspective, hence emphasis on applied aspect of Organon Philosophy & Homoeopathic Therapeutics representing application to all other subjects.

C. Inter-Departmental Co-ordination:-

  • Essential, the entire approach becomes an integrated approach. All departments shall develop a cohesive well defined programme which demand marked inter-departmental co-ordination.
  • It is therefore desirable to have teaching programmes wherein, by rotation each department participates in the teaching coordinating well with the other faculties with constant updating and evaluation.
  • The co-ordination has to be in the way as given in the text under each subject inside BHMS course syllabus and Curriculum. This will ensure fundamental and exceptional clarity.

D. Deductive-Inductive Teaching:-

  • While teaching, there shall be balance in designing deductive and inductive process in mind.
  • There shall be less emphasis on didactic lectures. Major portion of the time of the students shall be devoted to demonstrations, group discussions, seminars and clinics.
  • Every attempt shall be made to encourage students to participate in all these to develop his personality, character, expressions and to ensure the grasp over concepts rapidly.

E. Patient Oriented Teachings:-

  • In order to impart the integrated medical education PATIENT has to be in the CENTRE right from day one of the II BHMS.
  • Importance of social factors in relation to the problem of health and disease shall receive proper emphasis throughout the course and to achieve this objective, the educational process shall be community as well as hospital based.
  • Based on the above concepts the course of studies as laid down in BHMS Course syllabus & Curriculum will help to fulfill these needs.

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